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About us

After 10 years of working with children and families, we understand the full benefits of creative play. Our aim is to support parents & guardians with a fun space to let your bubs imagination and individuality run free - a place for them to thrive.

Exploration is at the core of bub club. Fed up with tedious play groups that were overly strict and scheduled, we wanted to offer an alternative community which was aimed at engaging and stimulating without burning your braincells from too many nursery rhymes.

For us, child led, sensory, fun driven activities are what matters - so we have created a space where we can really let our hair down and get a little silly. We encourage every child to explore their imagination how they want, and we’ll provide them the tools to grow and develop their wee minds. 

Come hang out, get messy and make some friends!

- Holly Osborne

Founder of bub club 

Childcare professional

BA Hons, PgDip

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